Multimedia Learning Contents

We turn your training materials into engaging courses.
Turn all your content into amazing courses
These are the ingredients chosen by our team to bring you the best multimídia interactive content:

Instructional Design

The best teaching strategies to enhance the attainment of knowledge.

Creative interface

A functional interface with a visual appearance which retain and captivate the user’s attention.


Expert programming allows us to develop creative and innovative solutions.

Professional voiceover

Captivating and professional voice acting.

Meet Articulate 360!

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This is our go-to choice for content development. It’s our experience with this authoring tool that enables us to turn all your training manuals and powerpoint presentations into dynamic online training courses.

Get in touch with us and we will be happy to present to you this solution.

Digital resources that we can develop:

Multimedia resources

  • Digital textbooks
  • Tutorials
  • Interactive lessons
  • Videos
  • Multi-devices Solutions

Assessment Tools

  • Games
  • Interactive reviews
  • Quizzes

Complementary services

  • Technical Pedagogical Model
  • Project management
  • Training of trainers
  • tutoring
  • Instructional Design

Some examples of the work we do:

Interactive e-learning course made with Articulate Storyline
E-learning course for welcoming new employees madewith Articulate Storyline
Online tutorial made with Articulate Storyline
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Build your own e-learning courses

With our knowledge and experience to help implement fantastic e-learning courses. Through our partnership with Actua Solutions, we became the only company in Portugal conducting certified training for Articulate.
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Desenvolve os seus próprios cursos de e-learning

Com os nossos conhecimentos e experiência ajudamos a implementar fantásticos cursos de e-learning. Através da nossa parceria com a Actua Solutions, tornámo-nos a única empresa em Portugal que realiza a formação certificada da Articulate.